Carluke Primrose Orchestral Flutes


Although we are fortunate to have many experienced players, a healthy supply of learners are just as important to the orchestra. 

If you're considering joining us and taking up the flute or a percussion instrument, as a beginner or otherwise, then read on. 



Even if you're a complete beginner, we still want to hear from you! 

We are keen to hear from beginners of all ages, including school-aged children. In recent years, we've even had beginners in their 70s! 

We have a Beginners Group and can also point you in the right direction towards flute tutors if you prefer one-to-one tuition. Soon, you'll then have the basics to start playing in the main Orchestra, where you may have the opportunity to play one of our big flutes.

Do contact us if you're considering learning the flute with Carluke Primrose. We'd be delighted to help you achieve your ambitions. 

Experienced Players

Perhaps you already have some experience of playing the flute or percussion instruments. In this case, you will be welcomed directly into the main Orchestra. We don't expect everybody to be an expert and don't be put off if you're a bit rusty. By playing regularly within the orchestra, and with the support of the conductor and other players, it'll be like you never put your flute down. 

Equally, if you began learning and didn't quite follow through with your lessons, please still get in touch. We can help you pick up from where you left off. 

Remember that we don't do auditions. We tend to do things in a more relaxed manner and a lot more informally. 

If you want to come and give it a try, please get in touch



The monthly membership fee is currently £20. That's less than £5.00 per week across the year. 

Your membership includes:

  • An instrument - so you do not need to buy or hire (in most cases),
  • Weekly rehearsal time with guidance and instruction from an excellent conductor,
  • The chance to perform regularly in concerts and contests across Central Scotland,
  • Opportunities to attend occasional events with the British Flute Society in Scotland,
  • Occasional weekends away and social events.



Come along to one of our rehearsals on Sunday evenings between 7.00pm and 9.00pm in the Carluke Lifestyles Centre, Carnwath Road, Carluke, ML8 4DP. You'll be very welcome. 

Please contact us first, especially during holiday periods. We don't want any wasted journeys!

Lifestyles Carluke, Carnwath Road, Carluke, ML8 4DF